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Florida Mature Driver Course FAQs

How long is the Florida Mature Driver course?

The course is a total of six hours long, but you can log in and out as much as you would like. Split the course into several smaller sessions, a couple sessions, or whatever works best for you!

Why should I take the Florida Mature Driver course?

Completion of the Florida Mature Driver course means you are eligible for a discount on your car insurance for the next three years. The amount you save on car insurance premiums in this time will more than make up for the cost of the class.

What do I need to take the Florida Mature Driver course?

All you need is a computer with internet access and your desire to learn!

Am I able to print out the course material?

You are not able to print the course material, but you can go back and revisit it any time. You may also take notes if you wish.

How much of a discount will I get on my insurance premiums?

The discount varies depending on the insurance company, but typically drivers earn between 3%-10% off the cost of their insurance premiums. Check with your insurance company to find the exact amount.

How can I be sure my insurance company will give me a discount?

Per Florida Statute 627.0652 insurance companies are required to provide a reduction in premium charges for drivers aged 55 and older who have completed an approved motor vehicle accident prevention course.

Are the registration and payment pages for the Florida Mature Driver course secure?

Yes, all the information you provide when registering for the Florida Mature Driver course is encrypted.

What do I do once I have completed the Florida Mature Driver course?

Once you complete the course, your free digital certificate will be available for download in your account within 7 days. Once you have received your certificate, provide it to your insurance company to qualify for your mature driver insurance discount. Please contact your insurance company for more information on how to submit your certificate for your insurance discount.

Is this course approved by the state of Florida?

Yes, our course has been approved by the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

What if I have additional questions while taking the course?

The course comes with 24/7 customer support via live chat.